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75 Hard Challenge – What You Need to Know

If you’ve stepped out of your phone in the last few days, you’ve likely come across someone you know or an influencer doing something known as”the 75 Hard Challenge.

On TikTok, you can see that the hashtags “75HardChallenge” and “75 Hard” have gotten before a handful of viewers, over one billion, to be precise.

75 Hard has made quite an impression on social media. But what exactly does the game entail, and is it something you should take?

What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Andy Frisella invented 75 Hard.

This challenge is described as a challenge to increase mental strength in participants and is governed by the following guidelines for 75 days:

  1. Follow a diet. Any diet. Frisella isn’t an expert in personal training, dietetics, or clinical nutrition. Therefore, getting a professional’s advice on the diet, you decide to follow is imperative. However, he insists you shouldn’t eat cheat meals or consume alcohol.
  2. Exercise twice per day and for an hour. One of those exercises must be outdoors.
  3. Take one gallon of water a day.
  4. You should read ten pages of non-fiction every day. Audiobooks do not count, and the book has to be in the personal development category.
  5. Take progress pictures daily.

If you follow all of the five rules, you have to begin from the beginning of the day.

Is it doable? Yes, for some. A majority of people live their lives in this manner already.

A few people are enthralled by challenges in fitness, such as The 75 Hard. They’re fun and provide an objective structure. There’s a certain appeal for those who want to challenge themselves. However, 75 Hard isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay.

Perhaps you’re brand new to fitness or have recently changed your routine. In this situation, the 75 Hard Challenge may not be able to deliver the benefits of forming the habits it promises. Most likely, it’s because you’re trying to do too many tasks simultaneously.

Is 75 Hard A Weight Loss Program?

Although it’s not explicitly advertised as a weight-loss program, the 75 Hard Challenge has a substantial exercise component. This is the reason why it has earned popularity within the fitness industry. The program also includes strict diet guidelines, and participants of the 75 Hard Challenge generally shed pounds and fat.

How Do You Do The 75 Hard Challenge?

The five tasks each day that you must complete for 75 consecutive days.

Task #1: Follow a Structured Diet

The particular diet you choose to follow is entirely up to you. For instance, you could follow keto, paleo, vegan diets, or Whole30. However, the general rule is that your diet has to be adapted to your needs, and you should never make one minor deviation from the prescribed diet. There is no room to “cheat meals,” and no alcohol or other beverages are allowed.

This test is the most challenging goal of 75 for most participants. It is designed to develop self-control and have indirect transformative impacts on your body and overall health.

Task #2: Two 45-Minute Workouts Per Day

This is where the fitness aspect is. It is required to complete two exercises every day for 75 minutes. Hard that lasts an average of 45 minutes each. And the second one should be outdoors, no matter the weather.

There are no specific rules on what kind of exercise you must undertake. For instance, you could swim, run or lift weights, walk, cycle, or even do yoga.

The Hard 75 challenge has received concerns and scrutiny from health experts.

It is due in large part to the fact that exercise is a significant component of this program because, based on your current level of fitness when you begin the program, as well as the kind and intensity of your exercise routine, at least 90 minutes every day could be harmful to your overall health and increase the risk of injuries as well as overtraining and cortisol hyperproduction.

This task is believed to teach you how to manage what you can control and persevere through situations you can’t handle without making excuses or substituting.

Task #3: Drink One Gallon of Water

Water benefits your body, So drinking at least a gallon of fluids daily is believed to improve your physical and health functioning. Frisella also says that it helps build discipline since it’s a “simple” task, yet it’s not always “easy .”

You must try to finish the job even when it appears you have other pressing tasks.

Task #4: Read 10 Pages of Non-Fiction

For 75 hours of Hard hours, you have to take in 10 pages of educational non-fiction material each day. It could be on any topic that can improve the quality of your life. However, it has to be read by your eyes. Audiobooks don’t count.

The goal of this project is to establish healthy habits.

Task #5: Take a Photo of Your Progress

You must snap a photo of your physical appearance daily during the challenge and document each phase of your journey.

Potential Benefits of 75 Hard

The 75 Hard program promises to enhance your:

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Perseverance
  • Self-worth
  • Self-belief
  • Fortitude
  • Grittiness

After completing the program, it is expected that you will read at least 750 pages. You’ll also find your diet plan to stay well-hydrated and see the physical effects by looking through the daily progress photographs. Mental coach Carrie Veatch recently completed the program, which she found enjoyable.

Based on her experiences, she believes that participating in 75 Hard can help people rid themselves of the negative aspects of their lives and appreciate the things their bodies and minds are capable of when they put their faith in and stick to their commitments.

Last words

Suppose you’re interested in giving 75 Hard tries. Consider consulting with a nutritionist and a trainer to design a nutrition and exercise program that fits your goals.

In addition, if you need more than 75, Hard for what you’re looking for, the experts will assist you in creating an appropriate diet and fitness plan that meets your specific requirements. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise or wellness program to ensure it’s right for you.


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