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Complete Types of Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound is an imaging test used to diagnose various medical issues safely. It is a fast and painless test that uses no radiation. This test detects both routine and dangerous conditions of patients.

Several types of ultrasounds are used to see specific areas of the body. An abdominal ultrasound is a test that shows organs, blood veins, and other tissues in our bellies. A doctor applies a special jell to our stomach for ultrasound, and the sonographer moves the probe over the jell.

Sand waves from the search go through our skin and bounce back from soft tissues such as organs, and a live image is displayed on a nearby screen. 

Why Is Abdominal Ultrasound Done?

An abdominal ultrasound helps the doctor to see many organs in our abdomen. The doctor can suggest this test if we have any abdominal problems. It can help the doctor to find the problem in your belly.

It also helps to know about stomach pain, kidney stones, liver tumors, and many other conditions. The doctor may suggest an abdominal ultrasound if you are at risk of an aortic aneurysm.

This type of ultrasound is recommended for the man between the age of 65 to 70 who have smoked. This ultrasound is not for women and men who don’t smoke.

Abdominal Ultrasound Types

  • Our provider orders an ultrasound evaluation of a specific area of our abdomen. A right upper quadrant ultrasound examines three digestive system organs, including the stomach, pancreas, and liver.
  • A complete abdominal ultrasound examines those three organs and adds the kidneys, spleen, and bladder. 

Complete Abdominal Ultrasound

We suffer from different abdominal diseases throughout our life. If we go to the doctor for abdominal pain, the doctor will recommend an ultrasound of our belly to know the reason for the disease. Let’s see how ultrasound can help cure the disease.

  • Kidney Stones

The doctor recommends an abdominal ultrasound if we suffer from kidney disease or kidney stones. After the ultrasound doctor checks the result of the pain in the kidney, it may be a kidney stone, bladder stone, or any infection.

But ultrasound is the only way to know about the inner condition of the kidney. The doctor can recommend medicine after the abdominal ultrasound if we suffer from kidney disease.

  • Enlarged Spleen

An enlarged spleen is a common disease, and many suffer from it. But if we want to know what our spleen’s condition is and how we can cure it. Abdominal ultrasound is essential to check the condition of our spleen. After the ultrasound, the doctor will check the state of our spleen and will suggest an operation or fix for the enlarged spleen.

  • Gallstones

Gall is an integral part of our body that is located under the liver on the left side. Sometimes it suffers from different diseases, but the most common are gallstones which cause severe pain in the belly.

Suppose we want to know whether we suffer from gallstones or not. We have to test ourselves by ultrasound. We can also suffer from cholecystitis which will be confirmed after the ultrasound.

The abdominal ultrasound helps the doctor to track the gallstones if we are suffering from them. After an ultrasound, the doctor advises the medicine, according to the report. 

  • Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis also includes abdominal diseases, and if we suffer from pancreatitis, the doctor will recommend an ultrasound to know about the condition of the pancreas. There may be several reasons for pancreatitis.

Pancreas located under the stomach. If patients feel pain under the abdomen, abdominal ultrasound can be used to track the reason for the pain. After the ultrasound doctor will decide what is the reason for pancreatitis.

  • Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a fatal disease and causes severe pain in our bellies. There may be many reasons for stomach pain, and the most common sense is food poisoning. Suppose we suffer from stomach pain or stomach cancer.

In that case, the first doctor will try to know about the condition of the stomach through ultrasound, and after the result of the ultrasound, treatment for stomach cancer will be advised to the patient.

  • Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreas is an organ in our body that produces acid to digest food, and it also produces insulin. If we suffer from pancreatic cancer, it badly damages our health and can be fatal.

If we feel that we are suffering from this disease or if any symptom of pancreatic cancer shows in our body, an ultrasound is essential. After the abdominal ultrasound, the doctor will check your pancreas’s condition and suggest medicine for this disease.

  • Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is an abdominal disease that disturbs our health, and abdominal ultrasound will be required to see the condition of our liver. The doctor only prefers medicine to patients in case of an abdominal disease once they test the patients by abdominal ultrasound.

  • Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound

Abdominal aortic ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that is recommended for people who suffer from abdominal diseases due to smoking. Doctors prefer this ultrasound for people aged 65 to 70 who smoked more than 100 cigarettes. This type of ultrasound is not for women and men who don’t smoke.

Preparation Required Before the Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a simple test, and there is no need to worry about it. However, some preparation can be required before an ultrasound. We must drink water before the ultrasound until our bladder is not filled. Before the ultrasound, our stomach should be empty, and we will eat nothing for 6 hours before the ultrasound.


Ultrasound is critical to detect any abdominal disease; without it, doctors don’t prefer any cure. Ultrasound is the best way to track the condition that the doctors cannot understand, and it is the best way to cure the disease.

After the ultrasound, we immediately returned to the normal activities of our lives. After the ultrasound, the doctor discusses the result of it and checks the condition of the abdominal. Treatment is suggested according to the result of the ultrasound.

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