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Nyquil Chicken: A Recent TikTok Trend


Nyquil chicken is not an actual Tik Tok trend, and it has many harms to our health boiling chicken in Nyquil.

The Nyquil chicken challenge is another trend in social media that spiked rapidly among the younger generation.

TikTok trends come and go constantly, but the NyQuil Chicken challenge is making the rounds and has also caught the attention of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and obviously, not for good reasons.

The FDA released a statement warning against the challenge, which, as the name suggests, involves cooking chicken using the over-the-counter cold and cough medication NyQuil.

Dangers of Boiling Chicken with Nyquil

People who eat Nyquil-marinated chicken can experience acetaminophen poisoning, which can become a reason for liver failure and even death. They can also experience problems like blurred vision, hallucinations, and seizures.

Overdosing with the ingredients in this drug is similarly harmful. At higher intake levels, dextromethorphan is linked to gastrointestinal issues, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Acute psychosis has also been reported at very high levels of drug consumption.

The same goes for the ingredients like phenylephrine and doxylamine in the liquid; they both have been linked to various side effects when taken in higher quantities.

Nyquil can also lead to liver damage and can also worsen pre-existing medical conditions. That’s why people should be very cautious when engaging in TikTok or other social media trends, as the influencers creating the videos are usually not aware of all the risks associated with the trends they are promoting.

Medical Use of Nyquil Drug

Nyquil contains three ingredients in its composition, i.e., acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and doxylamine. Acetaminophen is used in fever treatment and is also considered a pain reliever.

Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant and affects the cough reflex in the brain that triggers coughing. Whereas doxylamine reduces the effects of the natural chemical histamine in the body. 

Nyquil drug, if taken in high doses, can exert various side effects on our body, including:

  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth, nose, or throat
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Nervousness and excitability
  • Stomach pain

Nyquil Chicken side effects

Therefore, it is necessary to always consult a doctor before taking any medications in order to avoid all the potential risks. Because if the drugs are not taken in the intended amounts or for the prescribed time frame, they can cause serious allergic reactions and side effects. 

One of the most well-known dangers of using unprescribed antibiotics is the hastening of the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, which can limit the ability to treat benign infections.

The Nyquil chicken trend is the latest example of how the power of social media can impact people’s lives and can provoke them to eat unsafe products.

The FDA is also concerned about the increase in dangerous health outcomes from online challenges, and it released an advisory urging parents to keep over-the-counter medications away from kids and educate them on the consequences of following social media trends. 

Social media challenges can particularly prove to be hazardous for younger people because they are fueled by peer pressure. There are also other causes that make the younger generations more vulnerable to harmful social media trends, including:

  • Brain Development

Experts say that the human brain does not fully develop until a person has turned around 25 years. The frontal cortex is the part of the brain that develops last and is responsible for judgment and cognition. 

That’s why young people are more likely to engage in risky behaviors because their brains are still in the developmental stages. At this time, they are relatively more prone to taking risks and participating in challenges and dares that older people would never try.

  • Peer Pressure 

Peer influence can lead younger generations to make poor decisions. It decreases the decision-making sense of teens and results in problems like poor academic performance, distance from family members and friends, or an increase in anxiety and depression. 

Peer pressure can also compel young people to try harmful social media trends, which could eventually lead to self-harm. Studies show that people around the age of 14 are most affected by peer pressure and are most likely to indulge in dangerous online challenges. 


What Happens When Nyquil Gets Heated Up?

One of the three active ingredients in NyQuil is a sedating antihistamine, and boiling the medication makes this ingredient more concentrated, which can exert severe harmful effects on our health.

Is It Harmful To Inhale Nyquil?

Even if the chicken cooked with Nyquil is not eaten, it can still prove to be harmful to our health. Inhaling the medication’s vapors while cooking could result in high levels of drugs entering our bodies. Cooking this odd combination can even adversely affect our lungs.

Is Nyquil Chicken or Sleepy Chicken?

Nyquil chicken is called sleepy chicken and is not good for our health.

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