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Black Lines on Teeth: How To Get Rid Of Them?

Our teeth are one of the first things that people notice when we smile. Healthier and clean teeth impart us with graceful smiles and improve our overall personality. But, sometimes, certain stains and lines appear on the teeth that look displeasing and take away our sparkle.

One of them is black lines on teeth. These lines are thin and dark, occur on the tooth’s surface, and cast a shadow on the natural brightness of the teeth. There are numerous causes for the appearance of these stains.

In this article, you will learn about the causes of black lines on teeth and how you can eliminate them.

Causes of Black Lines on Teeth

The most common causes of the formation of these black line stains on teeth are:

  • Dental Cavities: Cavities occur due to damage to the tooth’s outer surface and gum tissues. As a result, they cause black lines on teeth, disrupting their aesthetic appearance.
  • Smoking: Smoking yellows tooth enamel and can cause black stains on the teeth. 
  • Coffee and Tea Consumption: Excessive intake of tea and coffee can also contribute to the permanent formation of stains on the teeth’s outer surface.
  • Dental Fillings: Over time, fillings or dental coatings can damage the tooth enamel and cause aesthetic impairment due to the build-up of black line stains.
  • Antibiotic Use: Long-term use of certain antibiotics can also contribute to the formation of these black stains.

Black line stains not only cause aesthetic problems but are also a major oral health concern. In order to prevent their occurrence, proper dental hygiene is extremely important. In addition to that, you should also minimize smoking and too much caffeine consumption.

What Do Black Lines on Teeth Look Like?

Black stains occur as thin, vertical lines on the front surface of teeth near the gum line. They are also called craze lines and result from a variety of reasons. They usually form tiny fractures in the enamel of the tooth and result in various dental complications.

How to Remove Black Lines on Teeth?

These black lines mainly appear on teeth because of the accumulation of tartar, commonly known as dental calculus. Tartar is formed when plaque absorbs minerals and gets hardened.

Brushing or other home remedies will not address this condition. It must be removed by dental specialists as part of a professional oral cleaning procedure.

Ways to Remove Black Lines on Teeth

  • Professional Dental Cleaning

In order to get rid of black spots on your teeth, you need professional dental cleanings. During this procedure, your dentist or oral hygienist will thoroughly assess your teeth and identify the root causes of the occurrence of black spots on your teeth.

Then he will use specialized dental instruments to eliminate the tartar. These typically include hand scales that are made specifically to remove tartar and plaque from teeth.

Dentists may also occasionally use specialized ultrasonic devices and vibrating tools to break up the tartar build-up.

  • Teeth Whitening Procedures

If the presence of black lines on your teeth is just on the outer surface and is entirely an aesthetic concern, then you can access a number of cosmetic treatments to eliminate this problem, including:

  • Teeth whitening kits for use at home
  • Professional teeth whitening

Dental aesthetic devices like crowns, veneers, and bondings can also be used to conceal black spots on teeth.

Your dentist will examine your oral condition and will assist you in choosing the best cosmetic treatment option. That can significantly address your tooth discoloration and improve the look of your smile.

Ways to Remove Black Lines on Teeth

  • Tooth-Colored, Composite Resin Fillings

If a cavity or other damage to your tooth causes black spots, it is important to address this condition as soon as possible. The tooth discoloration is also fixed by treating the cavity.

Orthodontists begin this process by drilling and cleaning the cavity, eradicating all traces of rot and germs. The hole is then sealed with a composite filling in the shade, particularly selected to complement the adjacent teeth.

Preventive Measures

Good oral hygiene is the key factor in preventing any abnormalities on your teeth, be it gum diseases or the appearance of black lines on your teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly eradicates plaque build-up and reduces the likelihood of black lines on teeth

In addition to that, you should also limit your caffeine intake in order to keep your teeth clean and stain-free.

Key Takeaway

For some people, the formation of black lines on teeth is not a huge concern to their oral health and can be eliminated by various aesthetic procedures.

But when tartar and calculus are the main culprits behind the occurrence of these black stains, this condition needs to be addressed immediately. Its most basic solution is to increase the frequency of your dental checkups and professional cleanings.


Are Black Stains on Teeth Permanent?

Black stains on teeth are not permanent and, in fact, can be eradicated by certain dental procedures. However, you should avoid over-scrubbing your teeth while brushing, as this is unlikely to remove the stain and may lead to other dental issues, such as abrasion cavities.

Why Do I Have Black Lines on My Inner Teeth?

These black lines form on inner teeth due to calculus or tartar build-up near the gum line. When this plaque is left unaddressed, it absorbs minerals and calcifies into tartar.

Dentists can only eliminate such tartar development through professional cleanings. This includes procedures like scraping and root planning using special dental instruments.

Why Are My Teeth Getting Black Lines?

The appearance of black vertical lines on teeth is typically due to tartar build-up, also known as dental calculus. Tartar is a calcified layer that cannot be removed by brushing or other home remedies and require professional oral cleaning procedures.

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