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Pinched Nerve in Shoulder: Symptoms Causes and its Treatment

Our shoulders contain several nerves. These nerves create nerve complexes. Nerves extend from our brain and spinal cord, sending messages throughout the body. If we have pinched a nerve, our body feels pain signals. 

The pinched nerve in the shoulder may be minor or severe. We suffer from a pinched nerve in the shoulder when there is compression on the nerve from the nerves under the neck. 

When the shoulder structure compresses the nerves under the neck, it punches our shoulder nerve and creates pain, also called cervical radiculopathy.

When we suffer from a pinched shoulder, it also causes pain in the spinal cord, our head, and our arms. Let’s discuss its symptoms, reasons, and cure.


We feel some symptoms of pinched nerve in shoulder when we suffer from it.

Shoulder Pinched Nerve

The first symptoms of pinched nerve in shoulder is neck and shoulder pain. Because when the nerve of the shoulder is compressed at first, it affects all nerves around it, and we feel pain in our neck, arms, and shoulder. It is also called pinched nerve in shoulder blade.

The pain of a pinched shoulder is excruciating and sharp, and sometimes it feels like it pricks the needles in the shoulder.

Dullness and Tiredness

When we suffer from pinched nerves, we remain dull and tired as we know that our brain does essential tasks in our body. 

When our shoulders and neck are affected by pinched nerves, our brain also takes effect and cannot work correctly. As a result, we feel tired, and our brain cannot function properly which is the symptom of a pinched nerve in the shoulder.

Difficulty in Sleep

If we suffer from a pinched shoulder, we cannot sleep properly because the nerves of the shoulder, neck, arm and head are also disturbed by it. It disturbs our minds, and we cannot sleep properly. 

When we change our sides while resting, the punched shoulder feels pain, and we cannot sleep properly.

Sharp and Burning Pain in the Shoulder

Sometimes the pain in the pinched nerve in shoulder is very sharp, and we feel like something is burning our shoulder. 

When the nerve of the shoulder is pinched, it signals pain to our mind, which badly affects our nervous system. If we feel this pain and burning pain, it can be the symptom of a punched shoulder.

Muscle Weakness

The sign of a pinched nerve in shoulder is that we feel muscle weakness. We feel tiredness and liability if we perform any work. We often feel weakness in our body and especially the parts of our nervous system. 

The nerves attached to our shoulders, like the neck and arms, are also affected by our shoulder’s pinched nerve. Gradually it creates a weakness in the muscles of the arms and the part of the other body.

We discussed the symptoms of a pinched nerve in our shoulder. If we notice these symptoms in our bodies, we should contact a nerve specialist for treatment.


Our shoulders suffer from pinched nerves due to some reasons like overwork, depression, Obesity, any accident, and several many reasons. Let’s discuss the reasons for the pinched shoulder and how we suffer from this disease. 

Stress and Overthinking

Stress and everything can be the cause of our pinched nerves. As we discussed earlier, all nerves around the brain are twisted together; if one nerve is affected, other nerves also take effect. 

If our brain fills with stress every time, our other nerves will be disturbed due to it. The first impact of stress affects our nervous system, resulting from a pinched nerve in the shoulder


Obesity is the primary reason for every disease, but it harms our muscles and nerves. If we fall victim to obesity, it is the main reason for a pinched nerve in our shoulder. 

Fat accumulation is hazardous for our health; too much fat in our muscles and nerves causes a pinched shoulder. 

Over Work

Overwork is the primary reason for a pinched nerve in our shoulder. If we are taking more work from our muscles, it may be harmful to us and badly affect our nerves. 

Most of us don’t pay attention that we are doing more work than our physical ability, and then we suffer from this type of shoulder and brain disease.

Some other reasons for the pinched shoulder are:

  • Have an accident.
  • Overstretching.
  • Long-term bed rest.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Lifting overweight back muscles.

These are some reasons for a it, and we should avoid these works that harm our shoulder and cause a pinched nerve in our shoulder.



The doctor prefers medicines to relieve the pain if the pinched nerve in shoulder is in the early stages. There are different medicines for it, like Oral drugs, Baclofen for muscle relaxation, and carisoprodol is used for relief from tension. 

Ointments are also used to reduce pain from pinched nerves in the shoulder. If the pain is not cured by medicine and cream, steroid injections are used for pain relief. 


Surgery is the last treatment for pinched nerve pain if the pain is fixed and does not reduce from medicines, injections, and ointment. Then I have to contact a nerve specialist for the procedure of surgery.

The doctor takes some steps for surgery:

  • Medical history.
  • Reports and X-ray.
  • Lab tests.
  • Physical exam of our spinal cord and shoulder.

There are some treatments for a pinched nerve in shoulder. However, it is a destructive disease that disturbs our brain, and we cannot perform our routine work efficiently if we suffer from a pinched shoulder. 

Let’s see some essential steps to save ourselves:

  • Avoid overwork.
  • Don’t take the stress.
  • Increase our physical work.
  • Don’t take bed rest for long term.
  • Avoid the things that create Obesity.
  • Take exercise regularly.
  • Go to the doctor.


The pinched nerve in our shoulder creates pain, and it also severely affects our brain and other parts of our body. We should try to avoid the things that cause a pinched nerve in our shoulder.

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