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Precordial Catch Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms

Precordial catch syndrome is when we feel a sharp stabbing pain in the chest. The pain gets worse with breathing and occurs within a small area. It is a nonserious condition and occurs due to our way of breathing.

The pain period is concise and goes away after a few minutes. The reason for precordial catch syndrome is not due to the heart. It is common in children and adults and is an unrecognized pain condition.

It can occur at any age. Usually, it occurs in children and does not occur while sleeping.


When precordial catch syndrome occurs, we feel a sharp pain in the chest that worsens with breathing. The time of pain may be a few seconds and a few minutes. When the pain occurs, it reaches the intercostal space from the left lower sternal border.

The pain usually occurs during any low activity. It occurs for some seconds, and the maximum lasts 30 minutes; however, the primary signs of precordial catch syndrome are unknown.

Is Precordial Catch Syndrome Occurs Due to Heart Problem?

Most people think that they suffer from heart disease or this is the pain of a heart attack. It’s pain has no connection to the heart, and it is not a sign of a heart attack. According to the researchers, it has proved that precordial catch syndrome is not due to heart problems.


Doctors are unaware of the reasons for it. It may occur due to a pinched nerve but does not affect the other parts of the body. It may also occur due to stress or if we remain sitting or bending for a long time.

There are no specific causes for precordial catch syndrome because the time of pain is too short, and there is no connection with the heart. It has no other harm to our health, so there is no proper reason for it. 


If we go to the doctor to treat precordial catch syndrome, it can be only tested by our heartbeat, blood pressure, and listening to the heartbeat. There are no medicines or tests for it.

If the doctor feels that we have any other problem related to the heart, additional testing can be required; however, precordial catch syndrome has no treatment. It has no side effects on our health, and no treatment is required.

As we discuss earlier that precordial catch syndrome contains no symptoms or reasons. So, precordial catch syndrome treatment is unavailable because the pain occurs for a while and disappears as if it never occurred.

Because it is not any harm for us except a few whiles pain in the chest, it has no other danger to our health. The pain maximum lasts when we take a breath one to two times, so there is no proper treatment for it.

We see no proper symptom or reason for precordial catch syndrome.

Research on Precordial Catch Syndrome

It was described graphically by Miller and Texedor in 1955. They called that precordial catch syndrome a pain that starts suddenly and is sharp stabbing. It remains for a few seconds and then goes away. They reported this disease in 10 patients.

Miller Was Added

  • In 1978 Texidor Twing reported this same type of pain in all 45 healthy patients.
  • Pickering shortly discussed it in 1981 and prepared a report on it.
  • In 1989 Reynolds she gathered a report for precordial catch syndrome pain in children in the United States.
  • According to these reports, it is only chest pain and is a prevalent type of syndrome.

There is a common complaint of chest pain in adults and children. For this, Driscol et al. studied the patients of 43 clinics with chest pain. They indicated six types of chest pain.

The purpose of these reports was to create sketches for the treatment of chest pain. In these reports, precordial catch syndrome was underemphasis. 

Precordial Catch Syndrome in Children

These symptoms are diagnosed in children who suffer from chest pain. The doctors reported almost nine categories of pain in the chest. It occurs suddenly, briefly, and intensifies.

Precordial Catch Syndrome In Adults

It is noticed that young people suffer from precordial catch syndrome, and this case mostly appears in younger and in children. But children at the age of 6 may also experience this pain.

Why Is Precordial Catch Syndrome Not Dangerous For Our Health?

As we discussed earlier, there is no specific symptom or reason for it, and it also doesn’t harm any other body parts. If we feel precordial catch syndrome in our chest, there is nothing about worry because the time for pain is short, and no loss of life has been noticed due to this pain in medical history. This pain in the chest also doesn’t affect our health. 

If we take this sharp pain seriously and go to the doctor for treatment, we are just wasting our time and money. Because as we discussed that this pain has no connection to the heart and no side-effect. So, there is no reason to take this pain seriously as it has no harm to our health.


Precordial catch syndrome Is the sudden and sharp pain in our chest after a few seconds or minutes. There is no need for any treatment and worry if we notice this type of pain in our body. This disease does not occur due to the heart; we should not consider it a heart attack or any other heart-related problem.

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