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Ways to Enhance Your Thin Lips for a Gorgeous Smile

Thick and plump lips have always been a desirable feature as they look attractive. Therefore, many of us want to have those full lips that complement our facial features. But what will happen if we look in the mirror one morning and realize that our lips have become relatively thin or flat?

Believe it or not, with time, our lips do get thinner. They look plump and fuller when we are young, but that plumpness goes away as we age. This makes people feel self-conscious about their looks.

However, there’s no need to worry as you don’t have to spend your golden years with flat or thin lips. There are several treatment options available for thinning lips that you can opt for based on your personal preferences.

This article is equipped with all the latest knowledge about the advancements in treatments, enabling you to enhance your pout and regain your self-confidence.

Keep reading and also discover the root causes that can lead to thin lips and how you can prevent them.

Causes of Thin Lips

Many people have naturally thin lips or their lips get shrunk as they age. But sometimes, lips can get thinner due to loss of collagen, aging, sun exposure, dehydration, or a result of smoking.

Moreover, with time, the muscles in our lips get weakened, leaving them to appear dried out, deflated, and slimmer.

Symptoms of Thin Lips

The skin of our lips is extremely delicate and vulnerable to the effects of aging and various environmental stressors.

The most prevalent symptoms of thin lips typically are undefined lips, decreased volume, and deepened wrinkles or lines around the mouth.

Additionally, sometimes, people can also experience itching or burning sensations in their lips that can further exacerbate their appearance.

6 Ways to Bring Volume Back to Thinning Lips

Concerned about thinner and deflated lips? Don’t worry, as there are plenty of ways through which you can help the area, resulting in fuller, healthier lips: 

1. Exfoliate Your Lips With Scrubs

Exfoliating your lips with the help of scrubs or other natural exfoliants can significantly help encourage blood circulation. This will, as a result, reveal new skin cells and make your lips appear fuller and smooth.

2. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Moisturizing your lips can help them remain hydrated, healthier, and plumper. The best way to keep your lips moistened is to apply moisturizing products like lip oil or lip balm.

However, go for the products that contain fewer chemicals and have shea butter, petrolatum, and other occlusives in their composition.

3. Stay Hydrated

The skin of our lips is very delicate and dries out faster than the rest of our faces. Moreover, our lips don’t have any oil glands that will produce natural sebum and keep them moisturized. Therefore, staying hydrated is necessary for maintaining healthier and plump lips. 

4. Cut Back On Repetitive Mouth Movements

The repetitive movement of muscles usually results in the formation of lines around the lips. Certain motions, like drinking through straws, taking pouty selfies, or smoking, can accelerate the collagen loss of the lips over time. Therefore, it is best to learn how to reduce these lip-thinning activities. 

However, avoiding all of these motions simultaneously is unlikely, but being aware of them can surely help you dial them back.

5. Wear a Sunscreen

Long-term exposure to harmful rays of the sun can put the skin of your lips in danger. A study has demonstrated that harmful UV radiation can make your lips discolored, deflated, cracked, and dry.

That’s why it is necessary to use sunscreens on lips as well. Choose the type of sunblock that contains hyaluronic acid, as it is the queen of plumping skin and is infused to give your lips a fuller effect.

6. Take Collagen Supplements

Collagen works on lips and helps them appear fuller, firmer, and more youthful. By increasing your collagen levels, you can support skin elasticity, and hydration, which can result in better skin health and more supple lips.

Natural Home Remedies

There are various home remedies that you can try to get a voluptuous pout. You can apply peppermint oil, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper to your lips as they are natural lip exfoliators and plumpers.

Peppermint oil can enhance circulation in your lips. The organic ingredients found in them can make your lips swell and look bigger.

Treatment for Thin Lips

Treatment for Thin Lips

Here are some most common treatments for fuller lips:

1. Lip Fillers or Dermal Fillers

Lip fillers or dermal fillers can restore the volume of your lips by filling them in with a gel-like substance. These fillers can also help you achieve the look you want, which ultimately boosts your self-esteem.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of dermal fillers. It is a natural chemical in our body that promotes hydration and fullness in our skin, making it a great option for lip fillers.

2. Botox

People with thin and flat lips can also go for Botox. It can effectively smoothen the mouth area by reducing fine lines around the upper lip, creating smoother and more even lips.

3. Fat Injections

Some patients prefer a natural, permanent solution and choose to go for fat injections. During this procedure, cosmetic doctors inject a person’s own fat into their lips. Its results are permanent and non-reversible as it isn’t a filler.

Thin Lip Boosters

People also use thin lip boosters and certain over-the-counter products before or after makeup to create a plumping effect. They are commonly applied with lipstick but can also be used alone. These plumpers come in a variety of forms, either in tingling gels, balms, or glosses.

Thinner Lips Naturally with This Massage & Exercises

Final Thoughts

If your lips have become thinner over time due to aging or any other external factor, there’s a lot you can do. In recent years, treatment methods for deflated lips have come a long way. Their results can also last for many months, depending on which procedure you choose.

In addition to that, you can also go for various home remedies to replenish your lips and make them supple. No matter what method you opt for, first consult with your dermatologist to minimize potential risks and allergies.


Are Thin Lips Attractive?

Thin lips can also look beautiful, depending on a person’s facial features and preferences. They are often linked with innocence and youthful appearance. 

Can Thin Lips Be Made Bigger?

Due to the recent advancements in cosmetic procedures, people can certainly make their thin lips appear bigger and fuller. There are various popular aesthetic treatments that work instantly and create supple and voluptuous lips. 

Can I Thicken My Lips Naturally?

Moisturized and well-hydrated lips naturally appear plump and thick. There are various home remedies that you can use to change the way your lips look.

Apart from that, you can also apply a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips supple throughout the day. Furthermore, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and your lips replenished.

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