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What To Expect After Getting Your Medusa Piercing?

The Medusa piercing, also known as the philtrum piercing, has become a popular trend these days. This type of piercing is located centrally above the upper lip and below the septum of the nose.

People usually opt for Medusa piercing because it helps accentuate the shape of their lips and draws attention to their facial features. Because it typically hosts smaller pieces of jewelry, people with different face shapes can fully rock this look.

After piercing, a Labret stud is placed in the upper lip (cupid’s bow). It is a piece of jewelry with a flat back and a straight post.

The post connects to a ball outside the piercing. Medusa piercing jewelry can be customized according to every person’s preference, containing either a plain ball or a gemstone.

All of this sounds great, but let’s dig more to know whether this would be a suitable choice for you or not. This article explains all aspects of the medusa piercing, including its costs, healing time, and what to expect after you get it done.

Pain and Healing Time

Pain level is always a huge concern for people regarding piercings. However, everyone has a different experience, and the extent of Medusa’s piercing pain also differs for each person.

Generally, during the piercing, when the needle punctures the tissue, a sharp pain arises. But this is quite similar to any other piercing and is over within a few seconds.

The Medusa piercing healing time usually varies from person to person. On average, it can take nearly 2 to 3 months. To speed up this process, make sure you follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions.

Cost of Medusa Piercing

The estimated costs of Medusa piercing can vary between $45 to $90. These costs can differ based on your region, the professional experience of your piercer, and the type of jewelry you pick for your piercing. 

Medusa Piercing Jewelry and Jewelry Materials

There’s a wide range of Medusa piercing jewelry that you can choose from. However, a labret stud is typically considered one of the best options to go for right after getting your piercing.

But, after healing, you can opt for different kinds of jewelry materials based on your choice and ongoing trend.

These options typically include:

  • Solid Gold

If you’re going the gold route, choose something of premium quality. Experts say that 14-karat gold is considered a great option for new piercings.

This metal also reduces the likelihood of allergies. However, if you’re getting your piercing done for the first time, avoid nickel, as it is the most common culprit behind severe allergies.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds worn as a stud always look quite classic and appealing. Their striking and exclusive shine greatly enhances and beautifies the wearer’s look. Therefore, they are considered the top-quality option for piercing.

  • Pearls

Single tiny pearls are also a famous option for jewelry for Medusa piercing. Pearls that reflect light in different colors are the most preferred ones. 

Medusa Piercing Healing and Aftercare

Initially, after getting your piercing done, it may swell due to bruising. Sometimes, itching and bleeding can also occur.

Medusa Piercing Aftercare Rules

To prevent all these issues, your aftercare program after getting the piercing done should include the following steps:

  • Wash your hands properly when touching the jewelry.
  • Avoid rotating the jewelry.
  • Dry the area with disposable products instead of reusable clothes, as these can harbor germs.
  • Keep makeup away from the piercing.
  • Take care when brushing your teeth.
  • Watch what you eat.

Medusa Piercing Aftercare Rule

Potential Side Effects of Medusa Piercing

Sometimes, oral piercings can severely damage teeth and gums, causing various dental complications. In addition to that, accidental damage to the piercing site or incomplete healing of the wound area can also result in permanent skin damage.

Other risks of medusa piercing typically include bleeding, discoloration, or swelling around the piercing area.


What Does the Medusa Piercing Symbolize?

Medusa piercings are subtly attractive and represent a person’s transformation and growth. They can look great on anyone and add charm to one’s personality.

Can People Brush Their Teeth with a Medusa Piercing?

Yes, after every meal, gently brush your teeth and thoroughly wash your mouth with a saline rinse. Once the piercing site is healed, make sure to brush the jewelry as well to avoid plaque buildup. The better your hygiene routine is, the quicker your piercing will heal.

How Long Can You Keep a Medusa Piercing In?

Generally, it is suggested that people should not keep their Medusa piercings for more than 2 years. This is because it’s not just skin piercing, but also an oral piercing.

Furthermore, after every six months, you should go back to your piercer’s shop to reduce your jewelry size.  In case your piercing site swells, use cold food items that soothe the affected site and help reduce swelling.

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