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Buck Teeth: Causes, Risk and Its Treatments

If you are looking for the answer to what are buck teeth? You are at the right spot as we are here to uncover very useful information in this regard. Buck Teeth refer to an oral condition where your upper front teeth overlap within the bottom row.  If the problem remains untreated it may lead to severe health problems.

Over the time, buck teeth have become a common oral problem where the front teeth row overlaps to the bottom teeth. As a result, one might experience problems in biting, chewing and speaking.

Such oral problems can appear from infancy to adulthood. Therefore, one needs to seek an immediate appointment for an early solution.

What Are Buck Teeth?

Also known as protruding teeth is explained as a bite issue, some people often call it an overbite. In dentistry, overbite refers to the way upper and lower teeth row come together.  We may also consider it overbite when the upper teeth extend over to the lower teeth.

An individual’s teeth might occur protrusive for numerous reasons like upper jaw far enough, lower jaw too backward etc.

Expert dentists refer to buck teeth as a misalignment that causes improper teeth meeting. The upper jaw should fit over the lower teeth and molars should meet to the opposite molar.


As mentioned earlier there are several reasons for teeth misalignment. Which can bring trouble to the individuals while having a conversation or laughing etc. Even some people troll them over the internet with a buck teeth meme and jokes etc.

A main reason for buck teeth is sucking fingers or use of a pacifier at the age of 5 years. Once kids have developed permanent teeth, thumb sucking can result in buck teeth.

According to the expert dentists sucking your thumb can adversely impact growth of your mouth.

Below are its other causes: 

  • Missing or crowded teeth
  • Bruxism, or grinding of the teeth
  • Atypically-shaped or impacted teeth
  • Injury to the mouth, causing a misalignment of the jaw and teeth
  • Genetics, if a biological parent has protrusive teeth
  • Tongue thrusting


A dental checkup is the only way to diagnose teeth misalignment. Usually, a dentist pulls back each cheek with a tool to check for the oral problems while treatment. Moreover, he might ask patients for X-rays of teeth to evaluate the condition of internal structures.

Diagnosis of buck tooth also requires the dentist to take an impression of teeth through mold which he places in the patient’s mouth. After that dentists insert a plaster in mold which shows him how a jaw closes together whether an individual has misaligned teeth.

If the dentist feels the need of an orthodontist to deal with the case for better treatment.

An individual should be familiar about the health risk of buck teeth besides chewing any hard foods or meat, fish with buck teeth. Below are the enlisted risks which can develop because of teeth alignment problems in the teens and adults.


When you neglect the teeth misalignment problem, you move forwards to develop health risks such as:

  • Difficulty with chewing or eating
  • Speech Problem
  • Teeth grinding
  • In children, loss of baby teeth too early or late
  • Breathing through Mouth
  • Tooth decay or gum disease, as a misaligned bite can be more difficult to clean properly
  • Issues with Jaw
  • Jaw pain and headaches due to pressure on the jaw joint
  • Tooth fractures

So far, we have learned about the malocclusion causes, diagnosis and health risks. It’s while I know about the available treatment options. People with mild cases might not need any further. Whereas, in the severe conditions it is better to ask for an appointment with your expert dentists for the solution.


Braces are viable for improving your overall teeth structure and reducing overbite problems. Your dentists will use a specific glue to attach them over your teeth. Usually, braces are metal wires which the expert will attach to your teeth using a rubber band. These bands are suitable for holding the braces in your mouth.

You may find the braces very uncomfortable and tight in your mouth for the first time. If they cause irritation to your cheeks ask the dentist to recommend you a special wax for instant relief.

As a result, you could even bite a fish with buck teeth. Several expert dentists and orthodontists suggest braces as they are capable of adjusting your teeth position over the time.

However, it depends on the teeth position as sometimes they require more than a year to come back to their natural position. Once your teeth are back in the position through the use of braces, you may need to wear a retainer for a specific time. Retainer helps the newly moved teeth to remain in their current position.


When braces are not an option the individual has to undergo surgery. It is because of a significant difference in the positions of the upper and lower jaw. Once you have done the surgery there will be some tips for you to follow. Which will be useful for your oral conditions.

Oral Hygiene Tips

  • Brush and floss the teeth twice daily
  • Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Annual checkups with a dentist or as regularly as necessary
  • Limit the use of tobacco products and limit alcohol
  • Ask your dentist if people experience any issues with the teeth or unexplained changes in taste or smell
  • Drink plenty of water and chew sugarless gum
  • Consult a doctor about alternative medications in case of a dry mouth
  • If a medical condition puts people at risk of gum disease, such as diabetes, take steps to manage the condition

For braces and any other dental appliances, people Should  follow any specific instructions from a dentist on brushing, flossing, and caring for the appliance:

  • Avoid hard, chewy, or overly sticky foods, as these could damage the brace
  • Avoid chewing ice, with or without braces
  • Attend all scheduled checkups and cleaning appointments


When there is a difference between upper and lower jaw position one might feel problems in bite and speech. Consult an expert dentist for a quick solution. If the problems remain untreated it can result in severe oral problems.


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